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[Aug 6 2007 | 04:46 am]
location: Berlin
mood: calm
music: The Producers - "If You Got It, Flaunt It"

This is a journal for all kinds of art. Be it either doodles, sketches, linearts or (very rarely) fully finished coloured pictures.

Feel free to watch this journal by adding it, but I won't friend anyone back. This is just for art :) Enjoy.

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[May 7 2007 | 01:47 am]

More More More!

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[May 7 2007 | 01:45 am]

Start Star Start!

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[Jan 20 2007 | 07:52 pm]
location: berlin
mood: chipper
music: blind guardian - "fly"

O my, it has been a while since I updated, it seems. Shame on me! Well, here you go. (some is old, some is new. but don't bother with these little facts)

StuffCollapse )

While I was telling Jana what fascinated me most about the fantasy and sci-fi genre, she startet sketching out Drizzt. I had given her the example of the drow and the dark elf trilogy (fantasy does not have the pretense or claim to be original and serious. I mean....Menzzoberanzzan? what kind of name IS that?) and it seemed she found the design quite interesting. Then she was a bit tired and it was my turn to work my magic on the basics she gave. Well, we did not come very far for it was 5o'clock in the morning. But here's what we managed.

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[Sep 27 2006 | 03:18 pm]
location: Bonn
mood: cheerful

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[Sep 18 2006 | 03:22 am]
mood: confused

Practice. When I have a scanner, I put up more.

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[Aug 7 2006 | 01:52 am]
location: Berlin
mood: chipper
music: The Producers - "There's Nothing Like A Show On Broadway"

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Bishônen-Hitler?Collapse )

This is craptastic: Hello Vader!

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